Residents Reports

Residents Reports

This page enables you to contact us and tell us your concerns, activity you have noticed in your area, if you have been approached via a telephone survey – anything that you think other residents will be interested in.

A number of Fylde residents contacted us to alert us to what was going on in their locality during the geophysical survey process. There were reports of trespass, mini explosions, tremors and damage to properties. There appeared to be scant regard for people’s well being, with many upset residents reporting that they hadn’t received any information about what was going on, dates of the survey, what to expect, etc.  You can also read their concerns below.

If you believe that your property has been damaged by the geophysical survey or by any of the drilling we do advise you to get in touch with both Cuadrilla, via their website or by phone: 0800 170 1115, and Fylde MP Mark Menzies

Please do get in touch. Your opinions and observations are very valuable as they help us provide evidence of what is actually happening in your area as well as helping us determine future strategies.


  • Elswick (13/03/14):  The earthquakes we had caused damage to our house through Fracking. We received no compensation not even a sorry from Cuadrilla, had to claim on house insurance which me and the wife refused as it was Cuadrilla’s fault. They do the drilling we pay for the damage, it’s just not on. We are thinking of moving cause of all this. Or is there anything we can do ?
  • Greenhalgh (19/08/13): I am contacting you for some assistance. We live in Greenhalgh – Medlar Lane, and are experiencing frequent minor tremors within the house, particularly in our back bedroom which looks out across the fields to Elswick. When I say frequent, it occurs several mornings each week. Cracks have begun to appear in the plasterwork in the room below this. Whilst there is building work going on currently in Medlar Lane, these have been occurring since the cracking began. Do I have reasons to complain, and if so, how do I go about this?
  • Warton (18/08/13):  Had a phone call yesterday it was a survey. Do not usually do such things but I was not thinking fast enough to get out of it . The questions were about my hopes for the area e.t.c. Environment issues. Employment, Manufacturing, training for the young. I was the one who brought up Fracking first. Then lots of questions about my knowledge of fracking. Also my trust in national and local Government. Right at the end of the survey I was asked if I would be surprised if she told me that Cuadrilla were doing the survey.I said I was but I would not put it past them, and there the survey ended.
  • Preesall (13/08/13): I live in the village of Preesall and on my way home on the 13/08/13 at around 17:00 I followed what appeared to be a wagon full of drilling piles which was causing a major tailback due to it’s size on the small roads. It finally went down Back Lane by the Saracens Pub which would be towards one of the planned sites you’ve identified. This obviously concerns me as a Preesall resident, especially as this is the area that we’ve been battling Halite energy Group to store gas in underground caverns! I believe Halite are still trying to put this plan into action, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out these two facilities in close proximity would be catastrophic to say the least! Admin: We subsequently investigated this site and discovered that it is being developed by Halite, who are currently carrying out a geophysical survey in Wyre. Halite were refused permission by the Government so we believe that they are appealing and have extended planning permission to carry out their survey. Cuadrilla have told us that they are not planning to use the gas storage facilities.
  •  Fylde (08/13): I have been contacted on two occasions by a survey company commissioned by  Cuadrilla. I took part freely having established early on in the conversation  who the company were and who was paying for the survey. I undertook to educate  the surveyor of some of the notable negative aspects of the fracking process,  recommending they more fully research the process and impact. Both researchers  enjoyed the survey – to what purpose this research is being sought I am  unclear
  • Weeton (04/13): We have received reports of people suffering from severe asthma attacks in the Weeton area and are currently investigating these claims. If you know or have heard of any people in the Weeton area who have suddenly developed asthma or are suffering more severe attacks than usual please get in touch with us asap at
  • St Annes (02/13): I live in St Annes and our water was off again the other Saturday – it was also off in FY8 a few weeks ago. United Utilities said both cases were collapsed mains. I have also noticed that there have been several collapsed sewers in St Annes over the last few months. Seems a big coincidence because the area has been drilled by the frackers and I would guess that this has made the ground liable to collapse. Have you done any research locally to see if the drilling has caused it. ADMIN: Unfortunately, we are unable to carry out research like this. However, we have consulted a geologist and a drilling engineer and both have said that it is very likely that the vibrations caused by the drilling have contributed to collapsed mains and sewers, especially as the ground has been very wet for months. We have also been told of a land slip near Balham Road. We believe proving that any of these land slips have been caused by drilling would be very difficult . We are, however, recording any occurrences that are reported for future reference.
  • Whitehills Business Park (22/11/12): Reading your latest news articles on your website, I came across a story – Anna’s road : third party complaint, within the letter it mentions vehicles being parked without permission around the rig site, upon reading this it triggered my memory that over the last few weekends I have seen a number of  vehicles being parked near to where I work. The vehicles have been parked on Brooklands Way, near BnQ , Whitehills Business Park, Blackpool , through the day time and also the trucks have been there using it as a overnight truck stop. Some of the vehicles were carrying large silver metal containtors which looked like storage tanks, god knows what was in them as I’ve never seen them before and from travelling around the country for work etc I’ve seen a few. There were also various labels on them which cought my eye as well because I thought I saw a dangerous goods logo on them. I’m not sure whether it’s a major cause for conceren or you can do anything about it but if this email helps to put even the slightest black mark against this company which clearly has no regard to mine or my children’s future health with their unsafe practices and ambitions to frack the hell out of the Fylde coast, then I’d be happy!
  • Roseacre (07/11/12): We have a problem with the fracking people, we live in Roseacre and early in the year when they where doing their testing (explosives) a few days after our patio hairline cracks opened and lifted and the path and drive on one side of the house tilted, and joints opened and lifted, we have been dealing with the fracking people who sent a Engineer to examine our problem, his report says it has nothing to do with the fracking work. We have been told if we are not happy with this report to get our own people in to do a survey. At this point we have not a clue what to do next. Can you give us some ideas?
  • St Annes (22/10/12): Do you know if there was a ground disturbance early hours of this morning in the St Annes Church Road area!? I was awake at 04:15 and heard a load dull bang and felt the house shake.
  • 16/10/12: I have experienced cracks in my house walls since the explosions under my house. I have written to Cuadrilla giving them 14 days to reply. The 14 days are up tomorrow and I’ve not had any reply . . . 18/10/12: I wrote to Cuadrilla with a deadline for a reply which they ignored so I emailed Mark Menzies. He replied within an hour saying he had contacted the company that handled Cuadrilla’s correspondance. The next morning I had a visit from a man from Cuadrilla. He admitted that the explosions were louder & bigger than they expected and that they are learning as they go along. He looked at the damage then rang the company that does structual surveys on their behalf. His open words were “I’ve got another survey for you” so I guessed there must have been numerous complaints.  The man he wanted to speak to wasn’t in but promised he would ring me. The survey man rang the following day  and he said he would come a week next wednesday after he had been to the Willows Social Club in Kirkham wher the floor has lifted following the explosions. He gave me the impression that there have been a lot of complaints
  • Freckleton (11/10/12): Test drilling in Freckleton today. No warning, no letters from ??????. Rigs are up and explosions have started. Do residents not have to be informed?
  • Peel Road (06/10/12): At approximately 19.48 I heard a loud rumbling noise coming from Anna’s Rd. I drove down Anna’s Rd and the sound got louder and louder until I arrived at the gate of the rig site. I complained about the noise to Paul McCriesh (I am not sure of the spelling because I couldn’t hear him very well, I even had to shout above the noise. I asked him if he felt that he was being a good neighbour making this noise at this time on a Saturday night. He kindly stopped the drill eventually to inform me that the drilling will recommence on Sunday 7th October 2012. He did not specify the time. I find it interesting that these sort of activities often happen at this time when any official cannot be contacted until Monday. A prime example being the movement of travellers on to a site, knowing that no-one in the local authority can be contacted until Monday when it is a ‘fait a complis’. He told me to contact a 24 hour number on a card he gave me. It was an answer phone and on the card it stated, “For information please call the Cuadrilla Community Information line.” In the letter sent to local residents it stated  that it is manned during office hours, clearly not a 24 hour line. Is this going to be like the wagons that transported soil without planning permission and by the time something was done it was too late? I asked Paul McCriesh how long the noise would continue. He said that they only had to drill 50 feet and it was noisy at the surface. I then asked him to give me the number data to calculate myself how long it would take. He reconsidered and  estimated a day of drilling. ALL DAY SUNDAY. Now that’s what I call a rather arrogant neighbour. He stated that drilling would continue 24 hours a day seven days a week. I asked him to tell me when they started drilling. He said he would have to check the logs.I asked him to arrange a sound survey at my property. Difficult at this time of night and on a Sunday. How very convenient.


  • Kirkham (20/08/12): A few weeks ago my daughter who lives in Kirkham, received a notification from the fracking company that they were detonating underground explosives. Subsequently there was a loud booming noise and the house shook. I have forwarded the below text to a scientist who was quoted on the BBC news site. “Dear Sir, A quote from yourself published the 29th June on the BBC News site. “The actual explosions are far too small to be noticed at the surface, said Prof Zoe Shipton from the University of Strathclyde.” It would appear that this statement is incorrect, due to local houses now feeling and hearing these pre-advised explosions, in fact why advise locals when as you say, they are too small to be noticed. Perhaps a re-wording of your statement may give it some credibility.”
  • Kirkham (06/08/12): Whilst out walking in Kirkham I have heard a number of loud explosions. As this is a Sunday evening I find it hard to believe they (Cuadrilla) would be setting off any explosives in the area. The noise was very loud and in my opinion way above the noise levels that would be created by a scare crow gun or other device. As anyone else heard this?If we live in e democracy then we the residents should have the final say on whether a resource extraction company should disrupt the the balance and harmonics of the land around us. Politicians serve us! Extracting natural gas from the ground will not benefit us in anyway. The ‘PR’ offensive by this company is laughable.  They claim their surveys will generate ‘benefits’ for the area with ‘fewer well pads’ and ‘visual impact’. Well how many drilling sites are they looking to establish in the area? What is the upper limit of acceptability? Be sure that the CEO’s across the pond and in this country care not about land surveys or the accumilation of ‘important data’ that will trickle into the British Geological Survey. Everything that Cuadrilla does will be based on a strategy of extracting the most gas from as many sites as possible in the least amount of time with minimum expenditure – it’s as simple as that.

    Lancashire County Council have sold their souls in allowing this. It’s akin to allowing five un-earthly insects to inject your arm with poison and then suck-up your blood. It goes against nature and we should have learned by now that this is the wrong thing to do.

Reports From Residents During the Geophysical Survey:

  • Peel Corner (06/07/12): My mother lives at Peel Corner and has been in the centre of the test explosions. She has now noticed cracks around several of her windows which were not present before the testing.  I have contacted a solicitor and Cuadrilla have already been out and quickly offered to “decorate”! Naturally we want a proper repair.  I’ll keep you posted.
  •  Newton with Scales (21/06/12): Loud bangs and thuds causing house to shake during this morning. Quite disturbing. Happened last week too.
  • Near Wrea Green (20/06/12): I heard the Cuadrilla lorries out after midnight last night.
  • Jubilee Way, St Annes (20/06/12): Blasting has started on Lytham Moss behind my estate on Jubillee Way. However the letters were being delivered to warn us after this had started . On the moss are stabled horses, RSPCA and animal sanctuary. Surely the letters should have been delivered sooner.Given the fact that the houses on our estate are prone to subsidence, because they are built on sand, jolting the foundations could cause significant problems.
  • Kirkham (20/06/12): Very loud bangs in Kirkham today (21/06/12) around 4pm-5.30pm-shook whole house, and even made a dining room chair jump up from floor, scared children and neighbours who were previously oblivious to Fracking
  • Wrea Green (19/06/12): I have had damage to a piece of outside brickwork with a large crack. I suspect I have further hidden damage and have started proceedings against Cuadrilla who have apologised for not having informed local people of the explosions with the requisite 21 days beforehand.
  •  Greenhalgh, Kirkham (18/06/12): Following damage to my property I wrote to Cuadrilla on May 30th. A few days later a message was left on my answerphone from a Mr Ibbotsen saying that they had received my letter and that he would be in touch with me again soon. Since then nothing. I then telephoned Cuadrilla last week and was then told “These things take time” and that she would pass my message to the engineer dealing with these matters and asking him to update me on the progress with regard to these complaints. That was a week ago still nothing. A neighbour nearby had his cistern cracked and this firm contacted him within two or three days, admitted responsibility and sent  him a cheque for a new toilet a couple of days later. All these complaints were as a result of these “vibrating plate machines”.
  •  Richmond Avenue ,Wrea Green: on Friday June15th we experienced 4 “shocks” between 1600hrs and 1700hrs. These were enough to frighten one resident and to disturb others.
  • Boarding kennels near Peel Corner, Blackpool (12/06/12): Following a phone call from Mr Josh Owens (Cuadrilla) last night who said all he could do was apologise for the “loud bangs” and scaring the dogs in my Kennels, he assured me we wouldnt hear anymore anything like yesterday!!! This morning I received a phone call from Mr David Ibbison (Cuadrilla) who also once again tried to reassure me we wouldnt hear anything again on the scale of yesterday. Well Mr Owens & Mr Ibbison following yesterdays reports once again loud bangs from 2.00pm today to the time of me typing this e.mail 5.15pm we still have extremely “loud bangs”!! As I said yesterday we have 40 dogs on site here and over half of them have had diarrhoea today and this is due to the upset. (Wondering if they would like to help us clean up?) I need more than apologies from you Cuadrilla !!!!
  • Boarding kennels near Peel Corner, Blackpool (12/06/12): This morning has been horrendous to say the least!!!! Loud bangs followed by even louder bangs that are scaring the dogs to a frenzy. They are panicking & so are we as we cannot foresee an end to whatever it is they are doing. We have 40 dogs on site here and it is like a war zone. We have had no warning of this why can Fylde Borough Council not do something about it, it’s ridiculous!!! I saw the large vehicles coming in to Blackpool last night and it was like something from a futuristic horror movie with the area being overtaken by aliens. It sounds far fetched but these are not just bangs they are sonic booms that rattle dishes, walls, floors , windows and the ground outside that you are walking on. This cannot carry on!! What can I do please ????”
  • Lytham (12/06/12): “We’ve decided to move away from this area to escape the fracking. Anyone want to buy my house?   It’s a completely evil disgrace and people simply ridicule you as being a cranky crazy if you try to warn them. I’m off, it’s too late to save this area or Southport, they’re all sleep walking to hell too.”
  • Kirkham (11/06/12): “Just to report that we are feeling some very large Thuds and Vibrations in Kirkham today current amount 21 within the last 45 minutes. The whole house is shaking, radiators rattling and the dog whining. “
  •  Wrea Green (11/06/12): “Hearing (and feeling) underground explosions every five minutes – is getting on my nerves AND potentially damaging buildings (such as our own homes, for example). Were ‘we’ asked for their permission? I don’t think we were.”
  •  Wrea Green (11/06/12): “People in Wrea Green and Lytham reported earth tremors now! The guys doing it refuse to stop and speak little English. One house has reported a crack appearing in her wall – remember this is only the testing by this self-regulating American company who said we would probably feel a little shudder. When they force millions of gallons of water vertically and horizontally into the earth under the whole of the Fylde Coast then we will all feel it – our foundations, land beneath us. House prices will plummet if our homes become unstable in any way – impossible to mortgage, impossible to sell. Dont forget all the toxic waste they will leave behind that is so toxic it is not allowed to be moved, so it will stay here on the Fylde Coast. The rest is flushed back into our waters in Manchester after it has been transported by hundreds of wagons on our roads.”
  • Corka Lane, Moss Side, Lytham (11/06/12): “I live on Corka Lane, Moss Side, Lytham and have today, 11 June 2012, watched a sub-contractor of Cuadrilla drill several holes in the field opposite our house to take explosives as part of the exploratory process. We have had no advance warning and I would like to know what is the minimum distance from a property such work should take place. “
  •  Peel Road (11/06/12): “We live on Peel Road and this week my horse nearly threw me when a boom came out of nowhere, do you know how long we have to endure this please, as I am scared I may get injured? Is there any info on date and times this might be happening?”
  • Weeton Road Nr Wrea Green (08/06/12) “Well 3 huge wagons and machines have been at the side of my house on the road now . They put a huge plate on the ground which made all the ground shake including my house – again! Felt like an earth tremor. we went out to tell them to stop but they just put their hands up and shook their heads.Then we realised they probably couldn’t understand us and they weren’t English! An American company using European employment and we are letting this happen?”
  •  Westby (05/06/12) “All today – Queens Jubillee – the house has been shaken by loud bangs and vibrated every 5 to 10 minutes. I and several other residents went to see what it was and it turns out it was seismic blasting being carried out within 100 yds of our property. Farmers had given permissions, presumably for a reward and this appalling noise went on all day. TV was impossible to watch for the fly past. I spoke at length to Mark Oldridge, Permit Administrator, at the lack of respect to both Queen and residents carrying this out today of all days. It seems they work 7 days a week. He did point out that newts and blackpool airport were protected however!!. He suggested I contact Mark Miller at Cuadrilla. I have, and the Lancs County Council and Fylde. It seems no one on either council objected to any of this fracking.”
  • Westby (01/06/12) “I live in Westby and fracking has begun, or I believe it has as recently cables and poles have been posted on our lane . No letters have been sent round but I have begun to feel tremors and loud bangs since they have been placed . This is causing my floor to shake in my property. Who can I contact about this as it is giving me serouis cause for concern.”
  • Greenhalgh, Kirkham (31/05/12): “On Thursday last one of Cuadrillas “Plating Vehicles parked outside my house and commenced operation. For over an hour my house was subjected to horrendous vibrations,Rresidents nearby came out of their houses and many likened the noise and vibrations to that of an earthquake. Following this I noticed a crack in my kitchen wall, damage to a concrete floor, and several tiles dislodged in my bathroom. The following Tuesday I caught four contractors trespassing on my land having gained entry through a field gate which was closed. No permission had been given or indeed sought. I have written to Cuadrilla but to date have had no reply”.
  • Stanley House Barns, Weeton Road (28/05/12): “I would like to report that over the weekend (Sunday morning) engineers associated with the gas exploration activities working on behalf of/for Cuadrilla were trespassing on private property/land without prior consent, parking vehicles on privately owned driveways (blocking cars entering and leaving the properties) at Stanley House Barns on Weeton Road. Later on Sunday, testing on Weeton Road was undertaken, which seemingly involved heavy vehicles pounding the road to release pulses in to the ground. This caused all of the four properties at 1-4 Stanley House Barn to shake for 7-12 seconds, 4-5 times, until all residents demanded that the testing was stopped due to fears over the impact that this was having. The shaking to each house was horrendous and felt throughout each property. Having initially approached the first of the onsite engineers, they responded to say that they “didnt speak much English”, disregarding the requests of the residents to suspend the work and instead deciding to simply ignore us. No fore-warning or advance notice was given, other than the generic leaflets which greatly mis-represented the actual impact of the testing and consequences. Having finally identified an English-speaking engineer, who provided greater information and whom had seemingly been monitoring the testing from a nearby property (but not at 1-4 Stanley House Barn), calls for the suspension of the testing on Weeton Road were eventually heeded, although it is believed that the testing had actually been fully completed at this point in time anyway. According to the engineer monitoring the output at the nearby property, all of the results were ‘within agreed tolerance levels’. Given that what was felt by the residents at the time was well beyond what anyone would consider acceptable, grave concerns have been raised regarding the testing and its impact on our properties, as well as how this is being measured and the overall future activities of Cuadrilla (and accuracy of presented information).”
  • Greenhalgh, Kirkham (18/05/12): “Six explosions yesterday, four this morning, all of which shook my house. No warning from Cuadrilla regarding these. Too much secrecy and misinformation from this company. “
  • Wrea Green (15/05/12): “More talk of the subject around Wrea  Green as we have had two mailings from Cuadrilla last week regarding the geophys  survey and indeed the wires and geophones are creeping closer. “
  • Elswick (15/05/12): “RPS are in the area. RPS are a consultancy group providing advice on explorationof energy gas & oil etc. They have offices all over the world and are giving advice on fracking for Cuadrilla – two vans are down the lane as I write this e- mail.”
  • Hardhorn area (15/05/12): ” Team of five men with four vehicles spotted in Brockholes woods. Tractor, water carrier, they appeared to be test drilling.”
  • Thistleton, Elswick (28/04/12): “I am a resident of Thistleton and I am becomming more concerned on what appears to be the secrecy surrounding the whole operation of the testing / survey works . We have had the orange wires strewn around the fields and across the roads in front of my house for weeks now . We have experienced the loud bangs and tremours that follow with no pre warning from the company . One morning this week I was woken at 5.20 am to find a van outside with two men checking the rods attached to the cables 5.30 am !! Today my neighbour has had a phone call to say that there will be some larger bangs ( explosions ) and that they will be monitoring them to see if any damage is caused to property foundations . We have had NO notification , does speaking to one household constitute informing the public or local residence ? This whole operation needs to be more open and our local council needs to be more involved in getting this stopped before damage is done.”
  • Elswick (23/04/12): “Tonight we have experienced loud explosions underneath our house which turned out to be caused by the frackers. It was terrifying until we managed to out, by accident, what was the cause. I have heard that a property has suffered structual damage caused when the frackers appeared next to the house in a field belonging to the house, without permission from the landowner.When they were challenged they simply moved further into the field away from the house. We must stop these people.”
  •  Singleton (20/04/12): “Witnessed their work of cabling at Singleton, had to step over a loose cable to enter the newsagent (formally post office) at Singleton. It had 3 bits of tape when it should have rubber covering that is used on the roads. Started to hit Weeton now and on a public footpath through the fields they used black rather than a visible orange cables. My concern is that if this stage is so shoddy what is going to happen when the real work starts. “
  • Elswick (16/04/12) comes from Elswick, ” Vehicles with vibrating plates on the back have been around the Elswick area, six in all two days running. Noticed some top brass in a transit mini bus in middle of field – spent two hours there brought two on site security man with them guarding the gate. Not looking good. “
  • Anna’s Lane (13/04/12): “Passed by Anna’s Lane. Couldn’t see down the lane for dust from lorries. Lorries eveywhere!”
  • Singleton: ” Wires everywhere! French workers tramping all over private property putting wires and copper pipes in with GPS attached. No regard for private gardens- no permission sought .”
  •  Elswick: “Things seem to be moving very fast in my area which is Elswick, near Kirkham.”
  • Elswick: “Things are happing fast in Elswick  – big amounts of money have all ready been passed on to farmers just for access to a field. A lot of people in Elswick do not seem to be intrested in what’s going on may be its because they have been washed by the drilling company when they had the village meeting.”
  • Another resident from Preece Hall has sent us photos of the damage the drilling company vehicles have created on farmland roads.

Please do contact us – via the contact form on this website – and alert us to any observations, thoughts, rumours, etc.  It all helps in planning our future strategies.



And some comments from people living outside the area:

  • “I currently live in Cheshire and was intending to relocate to St Annes when I found out about the shale gas exploration/extraction. I have very strong feelings about the fracking process and the likelihood of it continuing (post BGS survey) would have a large bearing on any decision to relocate. ” (02/04/12)
  • “We found the house in St Annes we wanted to buy last weekend but cannot go ahead whle this issue prevails. There are many points which could be put to the estate agents on this matter but I will take just two: 1) With regard to Aberdeen, firstly it is an offshore operation. The recent leak from the Elgin platform would have produced a challenge had it happened on land and not at sea. In order to protect lives in such an event it is relatively easy to evacuate a handful of workers from a rig at sea and leave the well to leak at will into the atmosphere offshore. But what if it hadhappened onshore? It would be another thing entirely to ensure the safety of thousands of Fylde residents and visitors in the event of such a leak on land. 2) The estate agents will be aware of the numerous subsidence issues already associated with properties in St Annes. Do they really think that having Cuadrilla causing explosions at will in such a geologically fragile area will have no further detrimental effect?” (03/04/12)