Call for Calm: Anti-fracking Nanas to Host 100th Week of Fracking Vigil




Lancashire anti-fracking community, the Nanas, are delighted to announce their 100th Call for Calm taking place on 10 July 2019, Maple Farm Community Hub, Preston New Road from 10.00.

The gathering will be open to any and all visitors and the Nanas will be offering vegan and vegetarian refreshments on the day. Visitors are invited to enjoy a range of community-run activities such as hair chalking, entertainment such as Morris dancing, a samba band and to hear from independent climate action speakers.

The Nanas are a collective of compassionate individuals, fighting to protect communities from the harmful effects of unconventional energy techniques like fracking.

The 100th Call for Calm will be a special gathering designed to honour almost two years of the women from the anti-fracking community holding a weekly Call for Calm, where women have gathered in peaceful solidarity against violence and aggression experienced by protesters against fracking.