Say NO to weaker earthquake rules for fracking

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is calling on residents everywhere to write to their MPs and demand that fracking rules on earthquakes aren’t weakened.

The fracking industry – mainly Cuadrilla and INEOS – is calling on the Prime Minister to weaken the rules on earthquakes

Write to your MP today to oppose this proposal

At the moment, fracking must be halted if an earthquake occurs over 0.5 magnitude – something that has happened numerous times since drilling started again last year. The industry wants to raise this limit, allowing them to ignore bigger earthquakes and continue to frack.

We can’t allow the government to give in. Please write to your MP and ask them to urge the Prime Minister and the energy minister to dismiss these attempts to soften the regulations.

The government itself has hailed the current regulations as ‘world leading’, which were designed with the very industry that is now calling for them to be weakened. It is only now, when these rules are doing what they were designed to do – stopping bigger earthquakes – that the industry is demanding a change.

New polling shows the public feel their voices should take precedence over those in the fracking industry. Yet just 13% of people think the government is actually listening to them. This has to change to restore public faith.

The government must reassure the public that it won’t weaken these vital protections and will put community, not industry, voices first.

You can either write directly to your MP or fill in a pre-formatted form and letter here

Please do this as a matter of urgency.