Roseacre Awareness Group



12 February 2018

For immediate release

Today, James Brokenshire, the Secretary of State for Communities announced his decision to refuse Cuadrilla’s appeal to frack for shale gas at Roseacre Wood in Lancashire.

Cuadrilla’s proposals on fracking for shale gas in the heart of rural Fylde, might have required an associated 15,000 journeys of the largest HGVs possible without special license – 44-tonne, six-axle juggernauts –  not including all other site traffic, on narrow and winding country lanes used by large numbers of of walkers, cyclists, horse riders, farm vehicles, livestock and commuters.

Chair of Roseacre Awareness Group, Barbara Richardson, said:

“We are absolutely delighted that the Secretary of State has seen sense and rejected Cuadrilla’s appeal.

“Roseacre Wood was always a totally unsuitable location for an industry of this nature; a fact recognised by local residents, our parish, town, borough and county councils and even our two Conservative MPs. It is a clear endorsement for local authorities to be the appropriate decision making bodies for shale gas exploration applications.

“It has been a long and costly process, causing much stress and anxiety, but is a testament to all those who worked tirelessly to protect their community from an unwanted, unproven and inappropriate industry which has the potential to destroy huge areas of our rural and agricultural landscape.

“Over 13,000 people objected to the original plans. The community has spent five years, thousands of working hours and tens of thousands of pounds, producing evidence supporting Lancashire County Council’s  decision to refuse planning permission. This has caused considerable stress and anxiety, residents have shown great determination and resilience in trying to protect their communities.

“We do not believe fracking for shale gas, a dirty carbon intensive fossil fuel industry, has any place in our energy mix.  We must encourage and invest in renewable, green energy future for the sake of future generations.

“We are absolutely delighted that at last the government are listening to the community on this occasion and have realised that this industry is not suitable.

“We sincerely hope that Cuadrilla now respect the decision of the Secretary of State and do not attempt to override this decision. If they do, we will continue to fight.”

Susan Holliday, Chair of Preston New Road Action group (PNRAG) said:

“Preston New Road Action Group are delighted that permission has been refused for the Roseacre Site. No community should have to put up with the disruption and anxiety that has been suffered by the residents of Preston New Road for the last two years, so it is great to hear that Cuadrilla will not be progressing a second site.”


Helen Rimmer from Friends of the Earth said:

“This is fantastic news which will be a huge relief for local people. It’s also a triumph for the tireless local campaigners who have worked long and hard for this outcome.

“But many other communities across England fracking are still fighting fracking – the government must also listen to them and say no to this dirty and unwanted industry.

“With scientists warning that there is so little time left to get on top of climate change, it’s clearer than ever that the future lies in clean, renewable energy.”