News From Across the Ribble

Our friends from across the Ribble – REAF (Ribble Estuary Against Fracking) – have posted news that it is looking likely that Caudrilla will be wanting to resume its operations and begin fracking some time in late August 2012 at the Banks Marsh pad, where drilling took place for several months last year.

REAF says that in responding to continued concerns over the ‘seismic incidents’ near Blackpool the company will be looking to deploy additional monitoring equipment including microseismic mapping. REAF had previously been unable to gain any concrete information relating to seismic monitoring at the Banks Marsh pad and it also remains unconfirmed as to whether the BGS or any independent agency will be overseeing seismic monitoring of Cuadrilla’s operations. REAF says, this leaves us in the trusting hands of the operators and partners to provide important information. This highlights with a specific example what protestors have been saying all along, that the UK is under prepared and lacks an  independent regulatory framework for onshore hydraulic fracturing.’

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